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The TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board is a faceless, nameless support group to the entertainment business.  Comprised of a combination of entertainment companies such as Hulu, CBS, NBC, and various interest groups, the Board works in an element of secrecy.  You cannot find out the names of the Board members or even see a photograph of them.  They meet behind closed doors and never advertise when and where they meet. They also do not accept phone calls or allow for members of the general public to provide input at their meetings.  Now for the good part.  This Board oversees the adequacy of the system that assigns ratings to the TV shows and movies you watch.  The Board is responsible for creating the rating scheme and any additional "descriptors" that clarify the content of the shows you prepare to watch.

Over the past year, I discovered a flaw in the rating system.  It currently does not forewarn viewers that they will be seeing scenes of homosexual relationships and non binary gender character situations.  What that means is the viewer will suddenly see themselves being shown a homosexual relationship scene appear that you did not expect to see.  The same for non binary character situations.  So why would the entertainment industry not want to forewarn parents, and others about the full content of what they are about to see?  I have no idea.   I've asked the Board several times to at least add descriptors forewarning viewers that some scenes will involve homosexual relationships and non binary gender situations. The Board's response was that they feel the current rating system and descriptors are adequate.  The Board said this while admitting that 95% of a survey audience agreed that they want to be forewarned about content with sexual situations.  The question for decision is what homosexual relationship scenes fall into the category of "sexual situations"?  The same for non binary gender characters.

I suggested that the Board simply create descriptors that tell the audience the content of the program involves homosexual relationships or non binary gender chararacters.  Then let the parent or other viewer decide if they want to to view a program with that type of content.  You can contact the Board via the following and give them your input. But, note.  They do not respond to phone calls and will not call you back to have you clarify your input.  

TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board
PO BOX 771
Washington, DC 20044
(202) 570-7776