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Article writing and story writing from life experiences.

The end of May approaches.  I spent much time interacting with members of my black alumni group at the University of Evansville (UE).  The organization is at a crossroads as it attempts to bring in new members and new leadership.  One of the goals is to interact more with student members of the Black Student Union at UE.  Of course the youthful students do not look at the alumni for answers.  It's a tradition that continues.  Those who came before you are pretty much considered failures if the world has problems today!  But the experiences of those from the past can be valuable to avoid the mistakes of the future. Or you can learn how to address situations that happened years before.  Yes, each situation and individual are different.  Sometimes it may be best to not know the past history.  But, my choice would be to know what happened and see if I could apply it to my present situation to avoid a negative outcome today!

Second thought. I continue to look at the news and wonder what groups around the world are deciding what "news items" should be pushed out to us willing readers.  Most of the headlines to stories are indicators to me that they are not worth reading.  News stories about celebrities still bore me senseless.  The words of conflict and acts of violence still command the attention of news makers who want to share the world's grief with us.  My word to them is "don't bother".  We already know the world is broken in terms of human behavior.  We do not need daily reminders.  

The month of May as does every day, presents a new start.  A new month.  So let's all collectively make the best of it.