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Article writing and story writing from life experiences.


We have made it into the month of March. The world continues on its slow path to eventual destruction. A highlight of the year has been general reaction to "The Chosen" series on streaming/TV/movie theaters that depicts the life of Jesus Christ. It's an infusion of fresher air in our human stupidity polluted existence. The same news stories appear every day. Whatever group meets daily to tell us what we need to know remains consistent in their messaging.  Acts of violence, unusual weather events, and human interest stories prevail. The human interest stories need to be retitled "who cares" stories. Those stories typically describe the lifestyle of a person or persons which has no significance to the rest of us "normal" human beings. People misbehaving because they can, seems to be a constant thread. On occasion we are given a story that inspires us to look at ourselves and modify our behaviors accordingly. "News deciders". We need more of those stories. Spare us the stories of the lifestyles of royalty and the violent nature of people who just don't care about themselves or anyone else.  We want to move on from them. So please stop sharing the antics of their madness.  Send those stories to the appropriate law enforcement authorities for follow-up actions. We thank you in advance! Story writing, article writing, writers.