Arnell 's Creative Writing


From my early childhood, I have always loved to express myself via the art of writing.  From writing a Charlie Brown TV episode script as a 4th grader, to poetry, short stories, scripts for movies and TV, comedy material via for 3 years, articles for church, a script for a self produced documentary on the history of black students at my college, to now polishing up an autobiography of my life.  Writing leaves a record of your thoughts and experiences.  That is my main goal.  Maybe one day what I write will be used in a high school or college curriculum to illustrate points about life.  Specifically my life as a black man in these United States from the late 1950s to the present.  My life as I wonder about the origin of us as human beings and who/what is our Creator.  That mysterious God who we don't see visually, but know via faith exist.  And so my journey continues.

Screenplays, Films, and my blog

 I have always enjoyed watching films that were about the African American experience.  But unfortunately, our stories are not often told via movies.  Even though the odds are astronomical to see one produced, I decided that I wanted to write scripts that depicted experiences of African Americans or topics I had an interest in.  So began my courtship with writing screenplays.  I recently produced a documentary titled "Our Story: Once the Doors Opened". It tells the story of the first black students to attend the University of Evansville beginning in 1934 and black student firsts up to the 2000s.  It received an IndieFEST Award of Recognition in August 2021 in the documentary short category.  It was also featured in the Heartland International Film Festival in Indianapolis in October 2021.

Finally my blog is my outlet for self expression.  I understand that for many years black people could not speak their thoughts or opinions without fear of some type of retribution.  So,  I speak to honor those who were silenced before me.